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Nickel Bronze

The acoustic string that delivers balanced clarity,
outstanding resonance, and enhanced projection to
reveal the real, natural sound of your instrument.

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“Nickel Bronze brought new life back into my Collings OM2H. The tone is balanced, organic and punchy. These are the strings to beat.”


“Nickel Bronze brings out the old charm in my 57' j45. They have life but without the harsh brightness of brand new strings.”


“You know how guitar strings sound best when they’re just about to break? Well these sound like that fresh out of the bag! Dig it.”

— JIMMY VIVINO / Conan O’Brien —

“Nickel Bronze strings have that warmth I used to have to wait a week or two for.”


“The NB acoustic strings are equivalent to the NYXL electric strings in ultimate quality. They’re warm, vibrant, and bring out the personality in each of my acoustics.”


“Nickel Bronze strings are the first non-coated strings I've tried that allow your guitar's true sound to come through with clarity and balance.”

— SEAN WATKINS / Nickel Creek —

“The harmonics are gorgeous and I’m able to get tones I’ve never heard from a string in my entire life. They brought out the best of me and my guitar.”

— William K. —

“The sound is complimentary to my guitar. They bring out the treble, bass, and mids better than any string I’ve used.”

— Susan C. —

“I haven’t heard my guitar sound like this before. I really like it. I only intended to restring and play a few chords, but ended up playing for over an hour.”

— Darryl W. —

“These strings made my guitar come alive again.”

— Eric A. —

“It was like playing broken-in strings almost immediately after stringing up. The tone is warm and crisp. Love these!”

— Kevin H. —

“I love the sound these strings pulled out of my mandolin! They also seem to keep a good tuning response.”

— Randal S. —

“I like the crisp tone and volume in comparison to my old set. They seem to really wake up this mandolin.”

— Bill B. —

“These strings really bring out the tone of my mandolin. I like the depth of sound I’m getting and I like the feel of them too. They’re more stable than other sets I’ve used.”

— Eric F. —
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Recorded with
Phosphor Bronze
Recorded with
Nickel Bronze
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Collings /
performed by
Andy Falco
Takamine /
performed by
Jiro Yoshida
Fender /
Larrivee /
Seagull /
Mini Jumbo
Takamine /
  • Collings / D1A
  • Takamine / JY-130
  • Fender / CD-60
  • Larrivee / D-03BW
  • Seagull / Mini Jumbo
  • Takamine / Ef360c‎
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Acoustic Properties
Tone Revealed
Nickel Bronze features nickel-plated phosphor bronze wire wrapped around a high carbon NY Steel core. This unique combination preserves the familiar low end depth and warmth of phosphor bronze, while boosting mid and high range frequencies to deliver greater clarity, projection, and harmonically rich overtones.
Enhanced Pitch Stability
Nickel Bronze strings are engineered with NY Steel, D’Addario’s proprietary high-carbon steel wire that increases pitch stability, break strength, and overall string life, so you can spend less time tuning and more time revealing the unique sound of your instrument.
The Lineup
  • Nickel Bronze Acoustic
  • Nickel Bronze Resonator
  • Nickel Bronze Mandolin
D'Addario NB1047 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Extra Light, 10-47
NB1047, Extra Light, 10-47
D'Addario NB1152 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Custom Light, 11-52
NB1152, Custom Light, 11-52
D'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 12-53
NB1253, Light, 12-53
D'Addario NB1256 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Top / Med Bottom, 12-56
NB1256, LT Top / Med Bottom, 12-56
D'Addario NB1356 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Medium, 13-56
NB1356, Medium, 13-56
D'Addario NB1252BT Nickel Bronze Set, Balanced Tension Light, 12-52
NB1252BT, Balanced Tension Light, 12-52
D'Addario NB13556BT Nickel Bronze Set, Balanced Tension Medium, 13.5-56
NB13556BT, Balanced Tension Medium, 13.5-56
D'Addario NB1047-12, Light 12-String, 10-47
NB1047-12, Light 12-String, 10-47
D'Addario Nickel Bronze Wound Singles
Nickel Bronze Wound Singles
D'Addario NB1656, Resophonic, 16-56
NB1656, Resophonic, 16-56
D'Addario NBM1038 Nickel Bronze Mandolin Set, Light, 10-38
NBM1038, Light, 10-38
D'Addario NBM11540 Nickel Bronze Mandolin Set, Custom Medium, 11.5-40
NBM11540, Custom Medium, 11.5-40
D'Addario NBM1140 Nickel Bronze Mandolin Set, Medium, 11-40
NBM1140, Medium, 11-40
D'Addario NBM11541 Nickel Bronze Mandolin Set, Medium-Heavy, 11.5-41
NBM11541, Medium-Heavy, 11.5-41